Friday, March 30, 2012

Pumpkin Bread

Have any of you had this experience where you have this one foolproof recipe which you keep going back to and it has always turned out perfect? Well, I thought I had one just like that. There was this raisin bread that I had made quite some time back and I had used the same mix to make banana bread too, which was delicious.

I was confident that no matter what I changed, it would still come out well. And so I decided to make pumpkin bread. I substituted the bananas with pumpkin puree (home made mind you!) and put it in the oven. The original recipe which takes only about 23-25 minutes to cook was all sticky inside even after 30 minutes. I baked t for another 10 minutes after which the tester knife came out clean. So I assumed that the pumpkin puree, being moist, had just taken longer to cook.
My kitchen smelled great for the rest of the evening. As there wasn’t enough natural light by the time the bread was done, I fought all temptations of taking a bite and left it in the oven to be photographed in the morning.
After the photo session, I couldn’t bear it any longer and cut into it to find that the inside looked nothing like bread. It looked more like a dense pie. The taste was spot on but the texture spoiled it all. 
So what do you do when you have a good looking disaster on your hands? You take pretty pictures and blog about it anyway.


  1. wow...u done this perfectly. n the pics r very clean n cool..

  2. That looks beautiful and yummy! rgds susan mathew