Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Original Pancake House: A Review

My husband came home from work one day, excited about a restaurant mentioned by a friend. He said we could go there for dinner and looked up their website to get an idea of the menu. That’s when we realized that it was a breakfast place; unlike I-Hop, The Original Pancake House operates for limited hours only: 7 AM-2 PM from Monday through Saturday and 7 AM-3 PM on Sundays.
We had completely forgotten about this place until last Sunday, when we suddenly decided to go there for a late lunch. Who would expect a breakfast place to be packed at 2.15 in the afternoon? Well, we were pleasantly shocked to see almost every table occupied.
Even though it is a breakfast/brunch restaurant, their menu has a Lunch/Dinner section with savory crepes.
We Ordered
Crepe with Chicken and Vegetables and a Side of Potato Pancakes
The potato pancakes were crispy and light and absolutely delicious. The crepe as is was slightly sweet but with the combination of the chicken, mushrooms, carrots, and a light sauce, it was sumptuous.
Pecan Waffles
Lovely, golden brown waffles that were crispy on the edges and soft as I cut into them. The highlight was the citrus flavored syrup that brought it all together.
Hot Chocolate
I love hot chocolate but have been disappointed many a time with concoctions that are either too diluted or too sweet. The hot chocolate here was, however, just perfect.  
Our Rating: 4 out of 5
We plan to keep going back to the restaurant to try the remaining items on their menu, so keep a look out for an updated review. 
Find The Original Pancake House near you and enjoy a hearty breakfast, brunch, or lunch, Bon appétit!

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