Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Veggie Grill: Restaurant Review

A few weeks ago, when driving towards Sprouts Farmer's Market, I saw a banner 'Veggie Grill Opening Soon'. The name intrigued me and I looked them up on Google. I was all the more interested, because they have an all vegetarian menu. My husband ate from there last week, with a colleague and said the food was good. He brought home an appetizer for tasting and I enjoyed it. We finally went there for dinner last night and here's what we had:
Our Order

Sweetheart fries (sweet potato fries) (There was enough for 3 people to share)

Papa's Portabello Burger (Grilled mushroom, chopped tomato, basil, & garlic pomodoro, caramelized onions, pesto, lettuce, red onion, chipotle ranch) with a side of purple cabbage slaw for me. (Was quite big but was really tasty so I gobbled up the whole thing in a jiffy)
Papa's Portabello Burger
Santa Fe Chickin' Wrap
Santa Fe Chikin' Wrap (Fried Chickin’, lettuce, tomato, red onion, avocado, and spicy vegan mayo with a side of chili for my husband. (Was quite big too. For those who are really good with portion control, I think 2 people can share one appetizer and one entree :-))

Before you think, "I thought this was a vegetarian restaurant, what is Chicken doing on its menu?" Well, it is not is chickin' (their trademark product made with soy).  

Our verdict

  1. I absolutely loved the portabello burger, the wheat bun and all the condiments. 
  2. The Santa Fe Wrap was delicious, the soy chickin' is quite close to the original in texture, so I think meat eaters won't mind an occasional vegetarian meal at the Veggie Grill.
  3. The service was really good, and fast.

  1. The prices, especially for the appetizers, are on the higher side. But I guess that comes with the territory (of being a vegetarian restaurant with vegan and gluten free options)
  2. The food is not spicy at all, especially for an Indian palate that needs its heat.
  3. With many of the dishes featuring the chickin' it might get a little redundant. 
As of now The Veggie Grill has branches only on the West coast, I guess all you vegetarians on the other side of the country will have to wait a while!