Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Idly Fry

Another evening and the dilemma to make something interesting is once again bothering me. Today, I have no vegetables or pasta at home. Gosh, isn’t this a situation! I open the fridge to see if inspiration will strike me and all I see is the idly batter kept in the top shelf. I am not sure if you all know that my husband is a strong supporter of the anti-idly movement. He has dosas, but a complete no-no for idlys. So, the idly batter in fridge does not give me any inspiration until I remembered a dish we had in a hotel in the Bay Area some two years back.
It was a very simple and tasty dish and my husband loved it. And guess what, it is nothing but my favorite idly J
Ingredients (serves 4)
Idly batter – to make 20 idlys
Idly powder/ Millagai podi – 5 tbsp
Gingili oil – 5 tbsp
Grease the idly plates with little oil and pour the batter into each hole. Steam the idlys for about 7-8 minutes or until the idlys are done. Allow the idlys to cool for 5 minutes and then cut the idlys into small pieces.
In a large pan, heat the gingili oil. Add the cut idly pieces and the idly powder and saut̩ nicely. Keep the gas on medium heat and fry for 15 Р20 minutes or until you see the outsides of the idly becoming crisp and brown.
Serve spicy idly fry with tomato sauce or chutneys of your choice.


  1. very nice recipe! Love your recipe! I made similar one yesterday!

  2. Superb, goes well with evening tea

  3. yummy.....I change a little....chop onion and capsicum into small pieces saute it add chillie powder,saute and then add chillie sauce,tomato sauce and soya sauce and saute....add the small pieces of idly fried into this....and ready :)

  4. Thanks Faseela, it definitely does.

  5. Thank you Shylaja. Your version sounds interesting too.

  6. I made this with the coin idli and took it with us when we went to the zoo, I also added a dash of pav bhaji masala. it was yummy, and my kids gobbled it down in no time.
    Love Ash.

  7. @ Indulge - the coin idly idea is great. I'll try out next time. Thanks :)