Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mexitalian Quesadillas

Last night, I had made tomato soup for dinner and I wanted to make something to go with it. The first thing that came to mind was a grilled cheese sandwich but then I thought of quesadillas.
I would describe a quesadilla as a Mexican stuffed paratha. It is made with two tortillas filled with vegetables/meat and cheese. 
Now you must be wondering where the ‘Italian” aspect comes in...I added some marinara sauce while sautéing the onions and bell pepper, hence the Mexitalian Quesadilla.
My husband’s reaction to the new recipe...a smile, thumbs up sign and a “Good job,”!
Ingredients (Makes 5)
Small corn tortillas – 10 (you can use chapathis too)
Bell pepper (cut into long slices) – ½ cup
Onion cut into long slices - ½ cup
Marinara sauce – 2-3 tbsps
Cheese (I used Provolone) – 4 slices
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
Red chilli flakes (optional)

Heat oil in a pan (I used the same ridged griddle that I was going to use for the tortillas) and sauté the onion and tomato slices. Add the marinara sauce and add salt and pepper (if required). Keep on low heat for a few minutes, till all the water content from the sauce is gone. Remove into a bowl and keep aside.
Place one tortilla on the griddle and heat till the griddle leaves marks on one side (If using a plain griddle/tava, heat till it is crisp). Keep the tortilla aside and heat one more. Tear up the cheese slices and place on the tortilla. Spread the onion/bell pepper mixture and chilli flakes, cover with the previously heated tortilla and press down with a spatula. Toss it and cook for another minute, or until the cheese has melted completely and the tortillas are stuck together. Slice and serve hot! Bon Appétit.

Note - I used provolone cheese because it melts really well. You can of course use a shredded cheddar blend or any cheese that you like. Make sure it is a cheese that melts well, else the quesadilla will not hold together.