Saturday, September 3, 2011

Rusk and Condensed Milk Pudding

It’s the weekend and if you are looking for a simple dessert to make your Sunday more special, why not try this one? There is no cooking involved and this yummy dessert can be assembled in just a few minutes. The best part in my opinion (forget your diet for sometime) is licking the condensed milk tin clean! 

Ingredients (This is what I used, please change according to your needs)
Tea Rusk (broken in small, bite size pieces) – 8-10 pieces
Condensed milk – ½ tin
Milk – ½ cup
Dried fruits (for garnish)
In a wide mouthed dish, place a layer of rusk pieces. Mix the milk and condensed milk and pour a little over the rusk. Add a layer of dried fruits and continue layering the ingredients. Refrigerate and enjoy this yummy pudding. Bon Appétit.
Note - 'A rusk is a type of crisp, dry biscuit or twice-baked bread.'


  1. Hi Aparna,

    Is it ok if i try with marie buscuits
    Btw thanks for visiting my blog.Its just a try I gave by adding milagai podi to kozhakattai flour


  2. I think Marie biscuits will work too..I also thought about it. But then decided to stick to the original recipe for the first trial at least!

  3. Hi Apana, Thank u for ur suggestion abt French Fries in my blog.I will surely bake it next time and it even consumes very less oil

    Will make condensed milk pudding today n let u know

  4. No problem! Awaiting your comments on the dessert.