Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nut & Choco Flowers

One afternoon, I was sitting in my recliner, munching on trail mix and reading a book when I remembered that I had some almonds and cashews that have been sitting in the fridge for a while. I wanted to do something with it...and then came a thought..why not chop the nuts and pour chocolate on them? How bad can the combination get, right? So here is what I did. I roasted a handful of nuts, chopped them and kept them aside. I melted chocolate in a double boiler and poured it over the nuts. I wanted to roll them into balls but the unevenly chopped nuts would not hold the shape.
So, for the next batch, I powdered the nuts in a coffee grinder and then added the melted chocolate to it. This time it worked out right. I rolled them into small balls, coated them with dried grated coconut and voila, my first batch of home made chocolates were ready.
To get a fancier shape, my husband had a brilliant idea. We bought a flower shaped ice tray and set the chocolate in it.             And the results..nut & choco flowers! You can of course use your favourite dried fruits. I am sure any combination will be the right combination for this!!!